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  1. Photo of David S. Goyer

    David S. Goyer Director

  2. Photo of Mick Davis

    Mick Davis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christine Roum

    Christine Roum Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mats Wahl

    Mats Wahl Screenplay

  5. Photo of Justin Chatwin

    Justin Chatwin Cast

  6. Photo of Margarita Levieva

    Margarita Levieva Cast

  7. Photo of Marcia Gay Harden

    Marcia Gay Harden Cast

  8. Photo of Chris Marquette

    Chris Marquette Cast

  9. Photo of Alex O'Loughlin

    Alex O'Loughlin Cast

  10. Photo of Callum Keith Rennie

    Callum Keith Rennie Cast

  11. Photo of Michelle Harrison

    Michelle Harrison Cast

  12. Photo of Ryan Kennedy

    Ryan Kennedy Cast

  13. Photo of Andrew Francis

    Andrew Francis Cast

  14. Photo of P. Lynn Johnson

    P. Lynn Johnson Cast

  15. Photo of Serge Houde

    Serge Houde Cast

  16. Photo of Desiree Zurowski

    Desiree Zurowski Cast

  17. Photo of Mark Houghton

    Mark Houghton Cast

  18. Photo of Alex Ferris

    Alex Ferris Cast

  19. Photo of Tania Saulnier

    Tania Saulnier Cast

  20. Photo of Kevin McNulty

    Kevin McNulty Cast

  21. Photo of Cory Monteith

    Cory Monteith Cast

  22. Photo of Chris Shields

    Chris Shields Cast

  23. Photo of Jack Donner

    Jack Donner Cast

  24. Photo of Gabriel Beristain

    Gabriel Beristain Cinematography

  25. Photo of Marco Beltrami

    Marco Beltrami Music

  26. Photo of Carlos Barbosa

    Carlos Barbosa Production Design

  27. Photo of Gary Barber

    Gary Barber Producer

  28. Photo of Roger Birnbaum

    Roger Birnbaum Producer

  29. Photo of Neal Edelstein

    Neal Edelstein Producer

  30. Photo of Jonathan Glickman

    Jonathan Glickman Producer

  31. Photo of Mike Macari

    Mike Macari Producer

  32. Photo of Rebekah Rudd

    Rebekah Rudd Producer

  33. Photo of Erin Stam

    Erin Stam Producer

  34. Photo of William S. Beasley

    William S. Beasley Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Peter Possne

    Peter Possne Executive Producer

  36. Photo of Conrad Smart

    Conrad Smart Editing

  37. Photo of Paul Berolzheimer

    Paul Berolzheimer Sound

  38. Photo of Corey Bramall

    Corey Bramall Animation

  39. Photo of Tish Monaghan

    Tish Monaghan Costume Design