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  1. Photo of Veronica Guarrasi

    Veronica Guarrasi Cast

  2. Photo of Ignacio Ernandes

    Ignacio Ernandes Cast

  3. Photo of Marcello Mazzarella

    Marcello Mazzarella Cast

  4. Photo of Erri De Luca

    Erri De Luca Cast

  5. Photo of Anna Ernandes

    Anna Ernandes Cast

  6. Photo of Francesco Vasile

    Francesco Vasile Cast

  7. Photo of Ilary De Ioannon

    Ilary De Ioannon Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Rita Mazzara

    Anna Rita Mazzara Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Burdua

    Antonio Burdua Cast

  10. Photo of Salvatore Campo

    Salvatore Campo Cast

  11. Photo of Maurizio Guarrasi

    Maurizio Guarrasi Cast

  12. Photo of Aldo Di Marcantonio

    Aldo Di Marcantonio Cinematography

  13. Photo of Paolo Fresu

    Paolo Fresu Music

  14. Photo of Rean Mazzone

    Rean Mazzone Producer

  15. Photo of Elisa Resegotti

    Elisa Resegotti Producer

  16. Photo of Babak Karimi

    Babak Karimi Editing

  17. Photo of Costanza Quatriglio

    Costanza Quatriglio Editing, Director Screenplay