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Ratings & Reviews

  1. ronny's rating of the film The Island President

    solid documentary about a charismatic, captivating political leader (would love to have a politician this intelligent and honest in the U.S.) and his struggles in the Maldives: first, toppling the tyrannical regime, and then making the rest of the world actually pay attention to climate change. sadly, like most climate docus, we're left feeling hopeless.

  2. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film The Island President

    An effort from Maldives former president that is still trying to take real effect...

  3. HEDONIST's rating of the film The Island President

    Very impressive documentary, sporting some lyrical, poetic cinematography juxtaposed against well-edited political doc footage with a Radiohead soundtrack to boot. Wonder if they allowed them to use the music because they agreed with the doc's statement or if they actually paid big bucks to license it, impressive catch nonetheless. Interesting tidbit to note that the president was actually deposed via coup postdoc

  4. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film The Island President

    Equally stirring and troubling documentary goes beyond the science of climate change to a more personal and immediate example of its dangers. Focuses on Mohamed Nasheed, the president of the Maldives, a tiny island nation whose very existence is threatened by rising seas caused by global warming, as he takes his case to the developed nations of the world begging for help, with mixed results.