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  1. Photo of Kenneth Scicluna

    Kenneth Scicluna Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Pierre Magro

    Jean Pierre Magro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ben Stuart

    Ben Stuart Cast

  4. Photo of Marieclaire Camilleri

    Marieclaire Camilleri Cast

  5. Photo of Eileen Micallef

    Eileen Micallef Cast

  6. Photo of Philip Mizzi

    Philip Mizzi Cast

  7. Photo of Silvio Catania

    Silvio Catania Cast

  8. Photo of Godwin Farrugia

    Godwin Farrugia Cast

  9. Photo of Carmelo D'Amato

    Carmelo D'Amato Cast

  10. Photo of Carmelo Mamo

    Carmelo Mamo Cast

  11. Photo of Maryan Muscat

    Maryan Muscat Cast

  12. Photo of Maria Dolores Busuttil

    Maria Dolores Busuttil Cast

  13. Photo of Oreste Sammut

    Oreste Sammut Cast

  14. Photo of David Pisani

    David Pisani Cinematography

  15. Photo of Dennis Mahoney

    Dennis Mahoney Producer

  16. Photo of Mikael Olsen

    Mikael Olsen Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Meinolf Zurhorst

    Meinolf Zurhorst Executive Producer