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  1. Photo of Carl Reiner

    Carl Reiner Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Carl Gottlieb

    Carl Gottlieb Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Michael Elias

    Michael Elias Screenplay

  4. Photo of Steve Martin

    Steve Martin Cast and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Bernadette Peters

    Bernadette Peters Cast

  6. Photo of Catlin Adams

    Catlin Adams Cast

  7. Photo of Mabel King

    Mabel King Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Ward

    Richard Ward Cast

  9. Photo of Dick Anthony Williams

    Dick Anthony Williams Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Macy

    Bill Macy Cast

  11. Photo of M. Emmet Walsh

    M. Emmet Walsh Cast

  12. Photo of Dick O'Neill

    Dick O'Neill Cast

  13. Photo of Maurice Evans

    Maurice Evans Cast

  14. Photo of Helena Carroll

    Helena Carroll Cast

  15. Photo of Ren Woods

    Ren Woods Cast

  16. Photo of Pepe Serna

    Pepe Serna Cast

  17. Photo of Sonny Terry

    Sonny Terry Cast

  18. Photo of Brownie McGhee

    Brownie McGhee Cast

  19. Photo of Jackie Mason

    Jackie Mason Cast

  20. Photo of David Landsberg

    David Landsberg Cast

  21. Photo of Domingo Ambriz

    Domingo Ambriz Cast

  22. Photo of Richard Foronjy

    Richard Foronjy Cast

  23. Photo of Lenny Montana

    Lenny Montana Cast

  24. Photo of Clete Roberts

    Clete Roberts Cast

  25. Photo of Frances E. Williams

    Frances E. Williams Cast

  26. Photo of Lydia McGhee

    Lydia McGhee Cast

  27. Photo of Niko Denise Holmes

    Niko Denise Holmes Cast

  28. Photo of Shawn Harris

    Shawn Harris Cast

  29. Photo of Nyles Harris

    Nyles Harris Cast

  30. Photo of Susan Denise Harrison

    Susan Denise Harrison Cast

  31. Photo of Douglas S. Close

    Douglas S. Close Cast

  32. Photo of Sharon Johansen

    Sharon Johansen Cast

  33. Photo of Jon Leichter

    Jon Leichter Cast

  34. Photo of Lillian Adams

    Lillian Adams Cast

  35. Photo of Joe Lynn

    Joe Lynn Cast

  36. Photo of Victor J. Kemper

    Victor J. Kemper Cinematography

  37. Photo of Jack Elliott

    Jack Elliott Music

  38. Photo of Jack T. Collis

    Jack T. Collis Production Design

  39. Photo of William E. McEuen

    William E. McEuen Producer

  40. Photo of David V. Picker

    David V. Picker Producer

  41. Photo of Peter Macgregor-Scott

    Peter Macgregor-Scott Executive Producer

  42. Photo of Bud Molin

    Bud Molin Editing

  43. Photo of Ron Spang

    Ron Spang Editing

  44. Photo of Charles M. Wilborn

    Charles M. Wilborn Sound

  45. Photo of Theadora Van Runkle

    Theadora Van Runkle Costume Design