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  1. Photo of Lewis Teague

    Lewis Teague Director

  2. Photo of Mark Rosenthal

    Mark Rosenthal Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lawrence Konner

    Lawrence Konner Screenplay

  4. Photo of Diane Thomas

    Diane Thomas Screenplay

  5. Photo of Kathleen Turner

    Kathleen Turner Cast

  6. Photo of Danny DeVito

    Danny DeVito Cast

  7. Photo of Spiros Focás

    Spiros Focás Cast

  8. Photo of Holland Taylor

    Holland Taylor Cast

  9. Photo of Avner Eisenberg

    Avner Eisenberg Cast

  10. Photo of Paul David Magid

    Paul David Magid Cast

  11. Photo of Hamid Fillali

    Hamid Fillali Cast

  12. Photo of Patricia Davidson

    Patricia Davidson Cast

  13. Photo of Jan de Bont

    Jan de Bont Cinematography

  14. Photo of Jack Nitzsche

    Jack Nitzsche Music

  15. Photo of Richard Dawking

    Richard Dawking Production Design

  16. Photo of Terry Knight

    Terry Knight Production Design

  17. Photo of Michael Douglas

    Michael Douglas Producer and Cast

  18. Photo of Peter Boita

    Peter Boita Editing

  19. Photo of Michael Ellis

    Michael Ellis Editing

  20. Photo of Les Wiggins

    Les Wiggins Sound

  21. Photo of Emma Porteus

    Emma Porteus Costume Design