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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film The Jewel

  2. dBainy's rating of the film The Jewel

    Good acting by some of the Italian cinema's heavy weights. Otherwise a good film, the film was however lost in the techno babble of the bankruptcy.

  3. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Jewel

    Parmalat's crack is an allegory of Italy's own industrial demise. The moral, economic, political, and social collapse of an entire country and its "values". As of today, Italy is as rotten and sour as expired milk. Style-wise, Andrea Molaioli follows Paolo Sorrentino verbatim. Toni Servillo is ubiquitous in Italian cinema and, no, it is not a criticism.

  4. Wick's rating of the film The Jewel

    Questo รจ terrificante, altro che i vostri film horror.