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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Stevie's rating of the film The Journey

    An astonishing piece of work. Watkins gives the impression that he, aided by his faithful team and compassionate human beings, could solve the innumerable problems faced by the world. The arguments and fears unveiled in this masterwork remain very relevant too with the seemingly increasing rise of terrorism and the continuance of ludicrous social injustices including racism. Why haven't more people seen this?

  2. Eliecer Gaspar's rating of the film The Journey

    A political education and a realization of the ideal that closes Here and Elsewhere (1976). The Journey contains the world and the human circle (or pyramid) through newsreel, found footage, and staged footage. Dziga Vertov would be proud. "The others, the elsewhere of our here."

  3. El Biffo's rating of the film The Journey

    "I had to walk on the dead bodies, because the ground was too hot. I kept saying "Sorry" to them". - Hiroshima survivor