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  1. Photo of Wayne Wang

    Wayne Wang Director

  2. Photo of Amy Tan

    Amy Tan Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Ronald Bass

    Ronald Bass Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Kiều Chinh

    Kiều Chinh Cast

  5. Photo of Chin Tsai

    Chin Tsai Cast

  6. Photo of France Nuyen

    France Nuyen Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Lu

    Lisa Lu Cast

  8. Photo of Wen Ming-Na

    Wen Ming-Na Cast

  9. Photo of Tamlyn Tomita

    Tamlyn Tomita Cast

  10. Photo of Lauren Tom

    Lauren Tom Cast

  11. Photo of Victor Wong

    Victor Wong Cast

  12. Photo of Yu Feihong

    Yu Feihong Cast

  13. Photo of Russell Wong

    Russell Wong Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Paul Chan

    Michael Paul Chan Cast

  15. Photo of Philip Moon

    Philip Moon Cast

  16. Photo of Vivian Wu

    Vivian Wu Cast

  17. Photo of Lucille Soong

    Lucille Soong Cast

  18. Photo of Andrew McCarthy

    Andrew McCarthy Cast

  19. Photo of Rosalind Chao

    Rosalind Chao Cast

  20. Photo of Chi Chao Li

    Chi Chao Li Cast

  21. Photo of Amir M. Mokri

    Amir M. Mokri Cinematography

  22. Photo of Rachel Portman

    Rachel Portman Music

  23. Photo of Donald Graham Burt

    Donald Graham Burt Production Design

  24. Photo of Jessinta Liu

    Jessinta Liu Producer

  25. Photo of Patrick Markey

    Patrick Markey Producer

  26. Photo of Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Janet Yang

    Janet Yang Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Maysie Hoy

    Maysie Hoy Editing

  29. Photo of Lydia Tanji

    Lydia Tanji Costume Design