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  1. Photo of Felipe Bragança

    Felipe Bragança Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tainá Medina

    Tainá Medina Cast

  3. Photo of Junior Moura

    Junior Moura Cast

  4. Photo of César Cardadeiro

    César Cardadeiro Cast

  5. Photo of Flora Dias

    Flora Dias Cast

  6. Photo of Rikle Miranda

    Rikle Miranda Cast

  7. Photo of Márcio Vito

    Márcio Vito Cast

  8. Photo of Mariana Lima

    Mariana Lima Cast

  9. Photo of Maria Gladys

    Maria Gladys Cast

  10. Photo of Sandro Mattos

    Sandro Mattos Cast

  11. Photo of Clara Barbieri

    Clara Barbieri Cast

  12. Photo of Andrea Capella

    Andrea Capella Cinematography

  13. Photo of Lucas Marcier

    Lucas Marcier Music

  14. Photo of Gustavo Bragança

    Gustavo Bragança Production Design

  15. Photo of Felippe Mussel

    Felippe Mussel Sound

  16. Photo of Vampiro

    Vampiro Sound

  17. Photo of Marina Meliande

    Marina Meliande Sound, Editing Director

  18. Photo of Virginia Flores

    Virginia Flores Sound