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  1. Photo of John G. Avildsen

    John G. Avildsen Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Robert Mark Kamen

    Robert Mark Kamen Screenplay

  3. Photo of R.J. Louis

    R.J. Louis Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jerry Weintraub

    Jerry Weintraub Producer

  5. Photo of James Crabe

    James Crabe Cinematography

  6. Photo of Bill Conti

    Bill Conti Music

  7. Photo of David Garfield

    David Garfield Editing

  8. Photo of Jane Kurson

    Jane Kurson Editing

  9. Photo of William J. Cassidy

    William J. Cassidy Production Design

  10. Photo of Ralph Macchio

    Ralph Macchio Cast

  11. Photo of Pat Morita

    Pat Morita Cast

  12. Photo of Nobu McCarthy

    Nobu McCarthy Cast

  13. Photo of Danny Kamekona

    Danny Kamekona Cast

  14. Photo of Yuji Okumoto

    Yuji Okumoto Cast

  15. Photo of Tamlyn Tomita

    Tamlyn Tomita Cast

  16. Photo of Pat E. Johnson

    Pat E. Johnson Cast

  17. Photo of Bruce Malmuth

    Bruce Malmuth Cast

  18. Photo of Eddie Smith

    Eddie Smith Cast

  19. Photo of Martin Kove

    Martin Kove Cast

  20. Photo of Garth Johnson

    Garth Johnson Cast

  21. Photo of Brett Johnson

    Brett Johnson Cast

  22. Photo of Will Hunt

    Will Hunt Cast

  23. Photo of Evan Malmuth

    Evan Malmuth Cast

  24. Photo of Raymond Ma

    Raymond Ma Cast