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  1. Photo of Joseph Sargent

    Joseph Sargent Director

  2. Photo of Richard Carpenter

    Richard Carpenter Director and Music

  3. Photo of Barry Morrow

    Barry Morrow Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cynthia Gibb

    Cynthia Gibb Cast

  5. Photo of Mitchell Anderson

    Mitchell Anderson Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Michael Goetz

    Peter Michael Goetz Cast

  7. Photo of Michael McGuire

    Michael McGuire Cast

  8. Photo of Lise Hilboldt

    Lise Hilboldt Cast

  9. Photo of Kip Gilman

    Kip Gilman Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Minchenberg

    Richard Minchenberg Cast

  11. Photo of Scott Burkholder

    Scott Burkholder Cast

  12. Photo of Louise Fletcher

    Louise Fletcher Cast

  13. Photo of Kees Van Oostrum

    Kees Van Oostrum Cinematography

  14. Photo of Hal Galli

    Hal Galli Producer

  15. Photo of Robert Papazian

    Robert Papazian Producer

  16. Photo of Richard Bracken

    Richard Bracken Editing

  17. Photo of George Jay Nicholson

    George Jay Nicholson Editing

  18. Photo of Eric Lindemann

    Eric Lindemann Sound

  19. Photo of Faye Sloan

    Faye Sloan Costume Design