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  1. Photo of Eddie Cantor

    Eddie Cantor Cast

  2. Photo of Lyda Roberti

    Lyda Roberti Cast

  3. Photo of Robert Young

    Robert Young Cast

  4. Photo of Ruth Hall

    Ruth Hall Cast

  5. Photo of John Miljan

    John Miljan Cast

  6. Photo of Noah Beery

    Noah Beery Cast

  7. Photo of J. Carrol Naish

    J. Carrol Naish Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Emmet O'Connor

    Robert Emmet O'Connor Cast

  9. Photo of Stanley Fields

    Stanley Fields Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Porcassi

    Paul Porcassi Cast

  11. Photo of Sidney Franklin

    Sidney Franklin Cast

  12. Photo of Leo McCarey

    Leo McCarey Director

  13. Photo of William Anthony McGuire

    William Anthony McGuire Screenplay

  14. Photo of Bert Kalmar

    Bert Kalmar Screenplay

  15. Photo of Harry Ruby

    Harry Ruby Screenplay

  16. Photo of Samuel Goldwyn

    Samuel Goldwyn Producer

  17. Photo of Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman Music

  18. Photo of Gregg Toland

    Gregg Toland Cinematography

  19. Photo of Stuart Heisler

    Stuart Heisler Editing

  20. Photo of Milo Anderson

    Milo Anderson Costume Design

  21. Photo of Vinton Vernon

    Vinton Vernon Sound