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  1. Photo of Kristoffer Nyholm

    Kristoffer Nyholm Director

  2. Photo of Hans Fabian Wullenweber

    Hans Fabian Wullenweber Director

  3. Photo of Charlotte Sieling

    Charlotte Sieling Director

  4. Photo of Henrik Ruben Genz

    Henrik Ruben Genz Director

  5. Photo of Birger Larsen

    Birger Larsen Director

  6. Photo of Natasha Arthy

    Natasha Arthy Director

  7. Photo of Mikkel Serup

    Mikkel Serup Director

  8. Photo of Kathrine Windfeld

    Kathrine Windfeld Director

  9. Photo of Morten Arnfred

    Morten Arnfred Director

  10. Photo of Morten Køhlert

    Morten Køhlert Director

  11. Photo of Søren Sveistrup

    Søren Sveistrup Screenplay

  12. Photo of Sofie Gråbøl

    Sofie Gråbøl Cast

  13. Photo of Morten Suurballe

    Morten Suurballe Cast

  14. Photo of Lars Mikkelsen

    Lars Mikkelsen Cast

  15. Photo of Bjarne Henriksen

    Bjarne Henriksen Cast

  16. Photo of Ann Eleonora Jørgensen

    Ann Eleonora Jørgensen Cast

  17. Photo of Marie Askehave

    Marie Askehave Cast

  18. Photo of Anne Marie Helger

    Anne Marie Helger Cast

  19. Photo of Michael Moritzen

    Michael Moritzen Cast

  20. Photo of Søren Malling

    Søren Malling Cast

  21. Photo of Nicolaj Kopernikus

    Nicolaj Kopernikus Cast

  22. Photo of Bent Mejding

    Bent Mejding Cast

  23. Photo of Jonas Leth Hansen

    Jonas Leth Hansen Cast

  24. Photo of Laura Drasbæk

    Laura Drasbæk Cast

  25. Photo of Lotte Andersen

    Lotte Andersen Cast