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  1. Photo of Tomasz Bagiński

    Tomasz Bagiński Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Mateusz Skutnik

    Mateusz Skutnik Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tim Everett

    Tim Everett Cast

  4. Photo of Melanie O'Connell

    Melanie O'Connell Cast

  5. Photo of Adam Skorupa

    Adam Skorupa Music

  6. Photo of Paweł Blaszczak

    Paweł Blaszczak Music

  7. Photo of Piotr Sikora

    Piotr Sikora Producer

  8. Photo of Jaroslaw Sawko

    Jaroslaw Sawko Producer

  9. Photo of Marcin Kobylecki

    Marcin Kobylecki Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Marta Staniszewska

    Marta Staniszewska Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Damian Nenow

    Damian Nenow Editing

  12. Photo of Luke Burnet

    Luke Burnet Animation

  13. Photo of Arkadiusz Firlit

    Arkadiusz Firlit Animation