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  1. Photo of Maggie Q

    Maggie Q Cast

  2. Photo of Sean Faris

    Sean Faris Cast

  3. Photo of Will Yun Lee

    Will Yun Lee Cast

  4. Photo of Ray Park

    Ray Park Cast

  5. Photo of David Leitch

    David Leitch Cast

  6. Photo of Françoise Yip

    Françoise Yip Cast

  7. Photo of Hiro Kanagawa

    Hiro Kanagawa Cast

  8. Photo of Bernice Liu

    Bernice Liu Cast

  9. Photo of Monique Ganderton

    Monique Ganderton Cast

  10. Photo of Sam Hargrave

    Sam Hargrave Cast

  11. Photo of Mike Dopud

    Mike Dopud Cast

  12. Photo of Gordon Chan

    Gordon Chan Director

  13. Photo of Rita Augustine

    Rita Augustine Screenplay

  14. Photo of Matthew Ryan Fischer

    Matthew Ryan Fischer Screenplay

  15. Photo of Jeff Abberley

    Jeff Abberley Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Christian Arnold-Beutel

    Christian Arnold-Beutel Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Julia Blackman

    Julia Blackman Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Yasuhiko Kinoshita

    Yasuhiko Kinoshita Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Sumiji Miyake

    Sumiji Miyake Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Marcus Schöfer

    Marcus Schöfer Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Jim Seibel

    Jim Seibel Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Ying Ye

    Ying Ye Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Joseph Chou

    Joseph Chou Producer

  25. Photo of Tim Kwok

    Tim Kwok Producer

  26. Photo of Andrew Mann

    Andrew Mann Producer

  27. Photo of Tilo Seiffert

    Tilo Seiffert Producer

  28. Photo of Bobby Sheng

    Bobby Sheng Producer

  29. Photo of Tetsuya Takahashi

    Tetsuya Takahashi Music

  30. Photo of Arthur Wong

    Arthur Wong Cinematography

  31. Photo of Chan Ki Hop

    Chan Ki Hop Editing

  32. Photo of Jill Scott

    Jill Scott Production Design