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  1. Photo of Patricia Mazuy

    Patricia Mazuy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yves Thomas

    Yves Thomas Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thomas Mauch

    Thomas Mauch Cinematography

  4. Photo of Denis Freyd

    Denis Freyd Producer

  5. Photo of Ludo Troch

    Ludo Troch Editing

  6. Photo of Thierry François

    Thierry François Production Design

  7. Photo of François Decaux

    François Decaux Production Design

  8. Photo of Henri Morelle

    Henri Morelle Sound

  9. Photo of John Cale

    John Cale Music

  10. Photo of Isabelle Huppert

    Isabelle Huppert Cast

  11. Photo of Jean-Pierre Kalfon

    Jean-Pierre Kalfon Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-François Balmer

    Jean-François Balmer Cast

  13. Photo of Jérémie Renier

    Jérémie Renier Cast

  14. Photo of Simon Reggiani

    Simon Reggiani Cast

  15. Photo of Anne Marev

    Anne Marev Cast

  16. Photo of Ingrid Heiderscheidt

    Ingrid Heiderscheidt Cast

  17. Photo of Nina Meurisse

    Nina Meurisse Cast

  18. Photo of Morgane Moré

    Morgane Moré Cast

  19. Photo of Bernard Waver

    Bernard Waver Cast