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  1. Photo of Daisuke Itô

    Daisuke Itô Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ryûzô Kikushima

    Ryûzô Kikushima Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hideji Hôjô

    Hideji Hôjô Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ryutaro Tatsumi

    Ryutaro Tatsumi Cast

  5. Photo of Kinuyo Tanaka

    Kinuyo Tanaka Cast

  6. Photo of Michiyo Kogure

    Michiyo Kogure Cast

  7. Photo of Kyôko Kagawa

    Kyôko Kagawa Cast

  8. Photo of Shôgo Shimada

    Shôgo Shimada Cast

  9. Photo of Haruo Tanaka

    Haruo Tanaka Cast

  10. Photo of Masao Mishima

    Masao Mishima Cast

  11. Photo of Shôji Nakayama

    Shôji Nakayama Cast

  12. Photo of Kenjiro Ishiyama

    Kenjiro Ishiyama Cast

  13. Photo of Yoshimi Hirano

    Yoshimi Hirano Cinematography

  14. Photo of Akira Ifukube

    Akira Ifukube Music

  15. Photo of Takashi Matsuyama

    Takashi Matsuyama Production Design

  16. Photo of Katsuji Tsuda

    Katsuji Tsuda Producer

  17. Photo of Kazuhei Hoshino

    Kazuhei Hoshino Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Mitsuzô Miyata

    Mitsuzô Miyata Editing