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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Anna's rating of the film The Kirishima Thing

    Hmm... very hmmm. It's definitely not what one would call a masterpiece, but then again, I can't help but think that the amateurishness is but a well-fitting layer to the overall mood.

  2. Michael Harbour's rating of the film The Kirishima Thing

    It's a bit squirelly, but that's perhaps apropos for a movie about intersections of subcultures in school. The movie's not great, but it has its moments. And some honest and awkward interactions.

  3. lupiter's rating of the film The Kirishima Thing

    there were moments when i could relate this to "elephant" and i thought it was very cool, however, within the first 5 minutes this film introduce us to SO many characters that it was very hard for me to keep up... not an excellent film but it has a few great moments that i thought they were worth the rating.