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  1. Photo of Jonathan Sarno

    Jonathan Sarno Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Lamar Sanders

    Lamar Sanders Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nancy Snyder

    Nancy Snyder Cast

  4. Photo of Nancy Boykin

    Nancy Boykin Cast

  5. Photo of Joel Colodner

    Joel Colodner Cast

  6. Photo of Ted Le Plat

    Ted Le Plat Cast

  7. Photo of Lawrence Tierney

    Lawrence Tierney Cast

  8. Photo of Maia Danziger

    Maia Danziger Cast

  9. Photo of João Fernandes

    João Fernandes Cinematography

  10. Photo of Harry Manfredini

    Harry Manfredini Music

  11. Photo of Len Dell'Amico

    Len Dell'Amico Editing

  12. Photo of M. Edward Salier

    M. Edward Salier Editing