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  1. Photo of Bruno Barreto

    Bruno Barreto Director

  2. Photo of Maria Da Salete

    Maria Da Salete Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Fábio Barreto

    Fábio Barreto Producer

  4. Photo of Luiz Carlos Barreto

    Luiz Carlos Barreto Producer

  5. Photo of Doc Comparato

    Doc Comparato Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nelson Rodrigues

    Nelson Rodrigues Screenplay

  7. Photo of Murilo Salles

    Murilo Salles Cinematography

  8. Photo of Tarcísio Meira

    Tarcísio Meira Cast

  9. Photo of Lídia Brondi

    Lídia Brondi Cast

  10. Photo of Ney Latorraca

    Ney Latorraca Cast

  11. Photo of Christiane Torloni

    Christiane Torloni Cast

  12. Photo of Márcia Barreto

    Márcia Barreto Cast

  13. Photo of Estelita Bell

    Estelita Bell Cast

  14. Photo of Veronica Berardo

    Veronica Berardo Cast

  15. Photo of Leda Borges

    Leda Borges Cast

  16. Photo of Nelson Caruso

    Nelson Caruso Cast

  17. Photo of Renato Coutinho

    Renato Coutinho Cast

  18. Photo of Newton Couto

    Newton Couto Cast

  19. Photo of Marcos D'Alves

    Marcos D'Alves Cast

  20. Photo of James Delamare

    James Delamare Cast

  21. Photo of Ligia Diniz

    Ligia Diniz Cast

  22. Photo of Carlos Felipe

    Carlos Felipe Cast

  23. Photo of Daniel Filho

    Daniel Filho Cast

  24. Photo of Jorge Guinle Filho

    Jorge Guinle Filho Cast

  25. Photo of Xuxa Lopes

    Xuxa Lopes Cast

  26. Photo of Oswaldo Loureiro

    Oswaldo Loureiro Cast

  27. Photo of Lícia Magna

    Lícia Magna Cast

  28. Photo of Cláudia Malta

    Cláudia Malta Cast

  29. Photo of Otaviano Menezes

    Otaviano Menezes Cast

  30. Photo of Marcos Miranda

    Marcos Miranda Cast

  31. Photo of Rafael Oliveira

    Rafael Oliveira Cast

  32. Photo of Paulo Paraná

    Paulo Paraná Cast

  33. Photo of Pedro Paulo Rangel

    Pedro Paulo Rangel Cast

  34. Photo of Telma Reston

    Telma Reston Cast

  35. Photo of Francisco Santos

    Francisco Santos Cast

  36. Photo of Flávio São Thiago

    Flávio São Thiago Cast

  37. Photo of Antônio Vasconcelos

    Antônio Vasconcelos Cast

  38. Photo of Paschoal Villaboin

    Paschoal Villaboin Cast

  39. Photo of Raimundo Higino

    Raimundo Higino Editing

  40. Photo of Guto Graça Mello

    Guto Graça Mello Music

  41. Photo of Luiz Antônio Aragão

    Luiz Antônio Aragão Sound

  42. Photo of Geraldo Breciani

    Geraldo Breciani Sound

  43. Photo of Emmanuelle Castro

    Emmanuelle Castro Sound

  44. Photo of Célio Martins

    Célio Martins Sound

  45. Photo of Victor Raposeiro

    Victor Raposeiro Sound

  46. Photo of Paulo Chada

    Paulo Chada Costume Design and Production Design