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  1. Photo of James Hill

    James Hill Director

  2. Photo of Sidney Cole

    Sidney Cole Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Arnold Wesker

    Arnold Wesker Play

  4. Photo of Carl Möhner

    Carl Möhner Cast

  5. Photo of Mary Yeomans

    Mary Yeomans Cast

  6. Photo of Brian Phelan

    Brian Phelan Cast

  7. Photo of Tom Bell

    Tom Bell Cast

  8. Photo of Howard Greene

    Howard Greene Cast

  9. Photo of Eric Pohlmann

    Eric Pohlmann Cast

  10. Photo of James Bolam

    James Bolam Cast

  11. Photo of Scott Finch

    Scott Finch Cast

  12. Photo of Gertan Klauber

    Gertan Klauber Cast

  13. Photo of Martin Boddey

    Martin Boddey Cast

  14. Photo of Sean Lynch

    Sean Lynch Cast

  15. Photo of Josef Behrmann

    Josef Behrmann Cast

  16. Photo of George Eugeniou

    George Eugeniou Cast

  17. Photo of Frank Pettitt

    Frank Pettitt Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Lloyd Pack

    Charles Lloyd Pack Cast

  19. Photo of Frank Atkinson

    Frank Atkinson Cast

  20. Photo of Reginald H. Wyer

    Reginald H. Wyer Cinematography

  21. Photo of David Lee

    David Lee Music

  22. Photo of William Kellner

    William Kellner Production Design

  23. Photo of Gerry Hambling

    Gerry Hambling Editing