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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Joel's rating of the film The Kite

    It's certainly refreshing to see a story such as this from a female angle. The set up is interesting enough but there certainly are a few missteps. For one the strange mix of surrealist elements, often shot in a strange Video format are more destracting than enchanting. In the end not wholly satisfying but a worthwhile watch for the life that it portrays.

  2. Ahmed Nabil's rating of the film The Kite

    Not bad. For me, Ziad el Rahbany'c character was very much imposed on the script to take and advantage of the awesome sense of humour of the legend! His whole narrative line is out of the context. However, I did enjoy it! Flavia Bechara is a very good actress. Needs to have a role onedar with Elia Suleiman. On the other hand I do not really see that this film deserved an award like this in Venice.