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  1. Photo of Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

    Leopoldo Torre Nilsson Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Beatriz Guido

    Beatriz Guido Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ulises Petit de Murat

    Ulises Petit de Murat Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luis Pico Estrada

    Luis Pico Estrada Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alfredo Alcón

    Alfredo Alcón Cast

  6. Photo of Evangelina Salazar

    Evangelina Salazar Cast

  7. Photo of Lautaro Murúa

    Lautaro Murúa Cast

  8. Photo of Ana María Picchio

    Ana María Picchio Cast

  9. Photo of Alfredo Iglesias

    Alfredo Iglesias Cast

  10. Photo of Héctor Alterio

    Héctor Alterio Cast

  11. Photo of Héctor Pellegrini

    Héctor Pellegrini Cast

  12. Photo of Walter Soubrie

    Walter Soubrie Cast

  13. Photo of Eduardo Pavlovsky

    Eduardo Pavlovsky Cast

  14. Photo of Leonor Benedetto

    Leonor Benedetto Cast

  15. Photo of Mario Casado

    Mario Casado Cast

  16. Photo of Aníbal Di Salvo

    Aníbal Di Salvo Cinematography

  17. Photo of Ariel Ramírez

    Ariel Ramírez Music

  18. Photo of Ponchi Morpurgo

    Ponchi Morpurgo Production Design

  19. Photo of Marcelo Simonetti

    Marcelo Simonetti Producer

  20. Photo of Antonio Ripoll

    Antonio Ripoll Editing

  21. Photo of Miguel Babuini

    Miguel Babuini Sound