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  1. Photo of Arne Mattsson

    Arne Mattsson Director

  2. Photo of Folke Mellvig

    Folke Mellvig Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lars Widding

    Lars Widding Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anita Björk

    Anita Björk Cast

  5. Photo of Annalisa Ericson

    Annalisa Ericson Cast

  6. Photo of Karl-Arne Holmsten

    Karl-Arne Holmsten Cast

  7. Photo of Sven Lindberg

    Sven Lindberg Cast

  8. Photo of Isa Quensel

    Isa Quensel Cast

  9. Photo of Nils Hallberg

    Nils Hallberg Cast

  10. Photo of Sif Ruud

    Sif Ruud Cast

  11. Photo of Lennart Lindberg

    Lennart Lindberg Cast

  12. Photo of Lena Granhagen

    Lena Granhagen Cast

  13. Photo of Torsten Winge

    Torsten Winge Cast

  14. Photo of Sonja Westerbergh

    Sonja Westerbergh Cast

  15. Photo of Åke Lindman

    Åke Lindman Cast

  16. Photo of Ingrid Borthen

    Ingrid Borthen Cast

  17. Photo of Kotti Chave

    Kotti Chave Cast

  18. Photo of Catherine Berg

    Catherine Berg Cast

  19. Photo of John Norrman

    John Norrman Cast

  20. Photo of Margareta Bergman

    Margareta Bergman Cast

  21. Photo of John Melin

    John Melin Cast

  22. Photo of Curt Löwgren

    Curt Löwgren Cast

  23. Photo of Erik Strandell

    Erik Strandell Cast

  24. Photo of Per-Olof Ekvall

    Per-Olof Ekvall Cast

  25. Photo of Sven Nykvist

    Sven Nykvist Cinematography

  26. Photo of Torbjörn Lundquist

    Torbjörn Lundquist Music

  27. Photo of Bibi Lindström

    Bibi Lindström Production Design

  28. Photo of Lennart Wallén

    Lennart Wallén Editing

  29. Photo of Olle Jacobsson

    Olle Jacobsson Sound

  30. Photo of Lars Lalin

    Lars Lalin Sound