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  1. Photo of Charles Vidor

    Charles Vidor Director

  2. Photo of Lewis Meltzer

    Lewis Meltzer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcel Achard

    Marcel Achard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jan Lustig

    Jan Lustig Screenplay

  5. Photo of Brian Aherne

    Brian Aherne Cast

  6. Photo of Rita Hayworth

    Rita Hayworth Cast

  7. Photo of Glenn Ford

    Glenn Ford Cast

  8. Photo of Irene Rich

    Irene Rich Cast

  9. Photo of George Coulouris

    George Coulouris Cast

  10. Photo of Lloyd Corrigan

    Lloyd Corrigan Cast

  11. Photo of Evelyn Keyes

    Evelyn Keyes Cast

  12. Photo of Edward Norris

    Edward Norris Cast

  13. Photo of Curt Bois

    Curt Bois Cast

  14. Photo of Reicher

    Reicher Cast

  15. Photo of Sumner Getchell

    Sumner Getchell Cast

  16. Photo of Nicholas Bela

    Nicholas Bela Cast

  17. Photo of William Castle

    William Castle Cast

  18. Photo of Vernon Dent

    Vernon Dent Cast

  19. Photo of Lucien N. Andriot

    Lucien N. Andriot Cinematography

  20. Photo of Lucien Moraweck

    Lucien Moraweck Music

  21. Photo of Lionel Banks

    Lionel Banks Production Design

  22. Photo of B.B. Kahane

    B.B. Kahane Producer

  23. Photo of Al Clark

    Al Clark Editing

  24. Photo of John P. Livadary

    John P. Livadary Sound

  25. Photo of J.S. Westmoreland

    J.S. Westmoreland Sound

  26. Photo of Robert Kalloch

    Robert Kalloch Costume Design