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  1. Photo of Sacha Guitry

    Sacha Guitry Director

  2. Photo of Nicolas Toporkoff

    Nicolas Toporkoff Cinematography

  3. Photo of Marcel Franchi

    Marcel Franchi Production Design

  4. Photo of René Renoux

    René Renoux Production Design

  5. Photo of Jean Rieul

    Jean Rieul Sound

  6. Photo of Louis Beydts

    Louis Beydts Music

  7. Photo of Jeannette Berton

    Jeannette Berton Editing

  8. Photo of Jean Mugeli

    Jean Mugeli Production Design

  9. Photo of Lana Marconi

    Lana Marconi Cast

  10. Photo of Jeanne Fusier-Gir

    Jeanne Fusier-Gir Cast

  11. Photo of Pauline Carton

    Pauline Carton Cast

  12. Photo of Renée Devillers

    Renée Devillers Cast

  13. Photo of Catherine Fonteney

    Catherine Fonteney Cast

  14. Photo of Maurice Schutz

    Maurice Schutz Cast

  15. Photo of Émile Drain

    Émile Drain Cast

  16. Photo of Henry Laverne

    Henry Laverne Cast

  17. Photo of Maurice Teynac

    Maurice Teynac Cast

  18. Photo of Philippe Richard

    Philippe Richard Cast

  19. Photo of Georges Grey

    Georges Grey Cast

  20. Photo of José Noguéro

    José Noguéro Cast

  21. Photo of Bernard Dhéran

    Bernard Dhéran Cast

  22. Photo of Jean Piat

    Jean Piat Cast

  23. Photo of André Brunot

    André Brunot Cast

  24. Photo of Denis d'Inès

    Denis d'Inès Cast

  25. Photo of Georges Spanelly

    Georges Spanelly Cast

  26. Photo of Maurice Escande

    Maurice Escande Cast

  27. Photo of Pierre Bertin

    Pierre Bertin Cast

  28. Photo of Jean Debucourt

    Jean Debucourt Cast

  29. Photo of Roger Gaillard

    Roger Gaillard Cast

  30. Photo of André Randall

    André Randall Cast

  31. Photo of Jacques Varennes

    Jacques Varennes Cast

  32. Photo of Pierre Lecoq

    Pierre Lecoq Cast

  33. Photo of Robert Seller

    Robert Seller Cast

  34. Photo of Robert Favart

    Robert Favart Cast

  35. Photo of Yvonne Hébert

    Yvonne Hébert Cast

  36. Photo of Sophie Mallet

    Sophie Mallet Cast

  37. Photo of Howard Vernon

    Howard Vernon Cast