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  1. Photo of Sahim Omar Kalifa

    Sahim Omar Kalifa Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ahmed Nisret

    Ahmed Nisret Cast

  3. Photo of Zana Gandi

    Zana Gandi Cast

  4. Photo of Adla Bapir

    Adla Bapir Cast

  5. Photo of Naima Abdo

    Naima Abdo Cast

  6. Photo of Faryal Bozan

    Faryal Bozan Cast

  7. Photo of Robrecht Heyvaert

    Robrecht Heyvaert Cinematography

  8. Photo of Kobe Van Steenberghe

    Kobe Van Steenberghe Cinematography and Producer

  9. Photo of Hannes de Maeyer

    Hannes de Maeyer Music

  10. Photo of Serkaut Mustafa

    Serkaut Mustafa Production Design

  11. Photo of Hendrik Verthé

    Hendrik Verthé Producer

  12. Photo of Joren Desmidt

    Joren Desmidt Editing