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  1. Photo of Sion Sono

    Sion Sono Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Isao Natsuyagi

    Isao Natsuyagi Cast

  3. Photo of Naoko Ohtani

    Naoko Ohtani Cast

  4. Photo of Jun Murakami

    Jun Murakami Cast

  5. Photo of Megumi Kagurazaka

    Megumi Kagurazaka Cast

  6. Photo of Yûsuke Iseya

    Yûsuke Iseya Cast

  7. Photo of Denden

    Denden Cast

  8. Photo of Mitsuru Fukikoshi

    Mitsuru Fukikoshi Cast

  9. Photo of Hikari Kajiwara

    Hikari Kajiwara Cast

  10. Photo of Takashi Yamanaka

    Takashi Yamanaka Cast

  11. Photo of Motoki Fukami

    Motoki Fukami Cast

  12. Photo of Keisuke Horibe

    Keisuke Horibe Cast

  13. Photo of Toru Tezuka

    Toru Tezuka Cast

  14. Photo of Shirô Namiki

    Shirô Namiki Cast

  15. Photo of Kenzô Kawarasaki

    Kenzô Kawarasaki Cast

  16. Photo of Yutaka Shimizu

    Yutaka Shimizu Cast

  17. Photo of Mariko Tsutsui

    Mariko Tsutsui Cast

  18. Photo of Tetsuji Tanaka

    Tetsuji Tanaka Cast

  19. Photo of Fusako Urabe

    Fusako Urabe Cast

  20. Photo of Gitan Otsuru

    Gitan Otsuru Cast

  21. Photo of Ryotaro Yonemura

    Ryotaro Yonemura Cast

  22. Photo of Daikichi Sugawara

    Daikichi Sugawara Cast

  23. Photo of Sotaro Tanaka

    Sotaro Tanaka Cast

  24. Photo of Satoru Matsuo

    Satoru Matsuo Cast

  25. Photo of Shigenori Miki

    Shigenori Miki Cinematography

  26. Photo of Shinichi Matsuzuka

    Shinichi Matsuzuka Production Design

  27. Photo of Mizue Kunisane

    Mizue Kunisane Producer

  28. Photo of Yuji Sadai

    Yuji Sadai Producer

  29. Photo of Yûko Shiomaki

    Yûko Shiomaki Producer

  30. Photo of Jyunichi Ito

    Jyunichi Ito Editing

  31. Photo of Hajime Komiya

    Hajime Komiya Sound