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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Last Dance

    Une oeuvre souvent ridicule, oscillant sans cesse entre le "carabiné" documentaire médical, la lourde farce insupportable et le calamiteux discours pré et post-mortem emphatique et conventionnel, à vous dégoûter des nipponeries du valétudinaire sieur Itami ...

  2. Anthony De Luca's rating of the film The Last Dance

    3.5. Not my favourite Juzo. Daibyonin is a bit hit and miss, much like a lot of Itami's work post yakuza incident. Also, one of his only films not to have a good female lead (Miyamoto is underused in this). Loved the dream sequence though.

  3. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film The Last Dance

    Comic horrorshow about an aging film director dying of cancer starts with the man, still living in blissful ignorance, blowing out his birthday candles and wondering aloud, "I wonder how many days I have left?" Immediate cut to a large number that fills the screen: 365. The way the film lurches from slapstick to pathos to surrealism shouldn't work, but does due to its fine cast and Itami's tireless inventiveness.