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  1. Photo of Juan Antonio Bardem

    Juan Antonio Bardem Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Howard Berk

    Howard Berk Screenplay

  3. Photo of George Maharis

    George Maharis Cast

  4. Photo of Maria Perschy

    Maria Perschy Cast

  5. Photo of James Philbrook

    James Philbrook Cast

  6. Photo of Gérard Herter

    Gérard Herter Cast

  7. Photo of Gustavo Rojo

    Gustavo Rojo Cast

  8. Photo of Giacomo Rossi Stuart

    Giacomo Rossi Stuart Cast

  9. Photo of Gérard Tichy

    Gérard Tichy Cast

  10. Photo of Sancho Gracia

    Sancho Gracia Cast

  11. Photo of Rubén Rojo

    Rubén Rojo Cast

  12. Photo of Tomás Blanco

    Tomás Blanco Cast

  13. Photo of George Rigaud

    George Rigaud Cast

  14. Photo of Carl Rapp

    Carl Rapp Cast

  15. Photo of Carlo Hintermann

    Carlo Hintermann Cast

  16. Photo of Matilde Muñoz Sampedro

    Matilde Muñoz Sampedro Cast

  17. Photo of Fernando Hilbeck

    Fernando Hilbeck Cast

  18. Photo of Luciano Catenacci

    Luciano Catenacci Cast

  19. Photo of Micaela Pignatelli

    Micaela Pignatelli Cast

  20. Photo of Romolo Garroni

    Romolo Garroni Cinematography

  21. Photo of Sam X. Abarbanel

    Sam X. Abarbanel Producer and Screenplay

  22. Photo of Stan Torchia

    Stan Torchia Producer

  23. Photo of Henry S. White

    Henry S. White Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Margarita de Ochoa

    Margarita de Ochoa Editing

  25. Photo of José Nogueira

    José Nogueira Sound