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  1. Photo of Amleto Palermi

    Amleto Palermi Director

  2. Photo of Carmine Gallone

    Carmine Gallone Director

  3. Photo of Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

    Edward George Bulwer-Lytton Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alfredo Panzini

    Alfredo Panzini Screenplay

  5. Photo of Victor Arménise

    Victor Arménise Cinematography

  6. Photo of Alfredo Donelli

    Alfredo Donelli Cinematography

  7. Photo of Vittorio Cafiero

    Vittorio Cafiero Production Design

  8. Photo of Victor Varconi

    Victor Varconi Cast

  9. Photo of Rina De Liguoro

    Rina De Liguoro Cast

  10. Photo of María Corda

    María Corda Cast

  11. Photo of Bernhard Goetzke

    Bernhard Goetzke Cast

  12. Photo of Emilio Ghione

    Emilio Ghione Cast

  13. Photo of Lia Maris

    Lia Maris Cast

  14. Photo of Gildo Bocci

    Gildo Bocci Cast

  15. Photo of Enrica Fantis

    Enrica Fantis Cast

  16. Photo of Vittorio Evangelisti

    Vittorio Evangelisti Cast

  17. Photo of Ferruccio Biancini

    Ferruccio Biancini Cast

  18. Photo of Carlo Gualandri

    Carlo Gualandri Cast

  19. Photo of Vasco Creti

    Vasco Creti Cast

  20. Photo of Alfredo Martinelli

    Alfredo Martinelli Cast

  21. Photo of Giuseppe Pierozzi

    Giuseppe Pierozzi Cast

  22. Photo of Enrico Monti

    Enrico Monti Cast

  23. Photo of Enrico Palermi

    Enrico Palermi Cast

  24. Photo of Carlo Reiter

    Carlo Reiter Cast

  25. Photo of Carlo Duse

    Carlo Duse Cast

  26. Photo of Osvaldo Genazzani

    Osvaldo Genazzani Cast

  27. Photo of Italia Vitaliani

    Italia Vitaliani Cast

  28. Photo of Dria Paola

    Dria Paola Cast

  29. Photo of Donatella Neri

    Donatella Neri Cast

  30. Photo of Bruto Castellani

    Bruto Castellani Cast