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  1. Photo of Michael Schultz

    Michael Schultz Director

  2. Photo of Louis Venosta

    Louis Venosta Screenplay

  3. Photo of Taimak

    Taimak Cast

  4. Photo of Vanity

    Vanity Cast

  5. Photo of Christopher Murney

    Christopher Murney Cast

  6. Photo of Julius Carry

    Julius Carry Cast

  7. Photo of Faith Prince

    Faith Prince Cast

  8. Photo of Leo O'Brien

    Leo O'Brien Cast

  9. Photo of Mike Starr

    Mike Starr Cast

  10. Photo of Jim Moody

    Jim Moody Cast

  11. Photo of Glen Eaton

    Glen Eaton Cast

  12. Photo of Ernie Reyes Jr.

    Ernie Reyes Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Roger Campbell

    Roger Campbell Cast

  14. Photo of Esther Marrow

    Esther Marrow Cast

  15. Photo of Keshia Knight Pulliam

    Keshia Knight Pulliam Cast

  16. Photo of Jamal Mason

    Jamal Mason Cast

  17. Photo of B.J. Barie

    B.J. Barie Cast

  18. Photo of Chazz Palminteri

    Chazz Palminteri Cast

  19. Photo of André D. Brown

    André D. Brown Cast

  20. Photo of David Claudio

    David Claudio Cast

  21. Photo of Kirk Taylor

    Kirk Taylor Cast

  22. Photo of Henry Yuk

    Henry Yuk Cast

  23. Photo of Michael G. Chin

    Michael G. Chin Cast

  24. Photo of Fredric Mao

    Fredric Mao Cast

  25. Photo of Thomas Ikeda

    Thomas Ikeda Cast

  26. Photo of William H. Macy

    William H. Macy Cast

  27. Photo of Trulie MacLeod

    Trulie MacLeod Cast

  28. Photo of Gary Aprahamian

    Gary Aprahamian Cast

  29. Photo of Verne Williams

    Verne Williams Cast

  30. Photo of Captain Haggerty

    Captain Haggerty Cast

  31. Photo of Brandon Schultz

    Brandon Schultz Cast

  32. Photo of Lia Chang

    Lia Chang Cast

  33. Photo of Derek Schultz

    Derek Schultz Cast

  34. Photo of Rhonda Ross Kendrick

    Rhonda Ross Kendrick Cast

  35. Photo of James A. Contner

    James A. Contner Cinematography

  36. Photo of Bruce Miller

    Bruce Miller Music

  37. Photo of Misha Segal

    Misha Segal Music

  38. Photo of Peter S. Larkin

    Peter S. Larkin Production Design

  39. Photo of Rupert Hitzig

    Rupert Hitzig Producer

  40. Photo of Berry Gordy

    Berry Gordy Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Christopher Holmes

    Christopher Holmes Editing

  42. Photo of Sukey Fontelieu

    Sukey Fontelieu Sound

  43. Photo of Robert De Mora

    Robert De Mora Costume Design