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  1. Photo of Yahya Al Abdallah

    Yahya Al Abdallah Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mohannad Bakri

    Mohannad Bakri Executive Producer

  3. Photo of George David

    George David Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Majd Hijjawi

    Majd Hijjawi Producer

  5. Photo of Rula Nasser

    Rula Nasser Producer

  6. Photo of Rachel Aoun

    Rachel Aoun Cinematography

  7. Photo of Mohammad A. Suliman

    Mohammad A. Suliman Editing

  8. Photo of Annemarie Jacir

    Annemarie Jacir Editing

  9. Photo of Samir Zaidan

    Samir Zaidan Production Design

  10. Photo of Falah Hanoun

    Falah Hanoun Sound

  11. Photo of Ali Suliman

    Ali Suliman Cast

  12. Photo of Yasmine Elmasri

    Yasmine Elmasri Cast

  13. Photo of Fadi Arida

    Fadi Arida Cast

  14. Photo of Nadira Omran

    Nadira Omran Cast

  15. Photo of Taghreed Al Rushuq

    Taghreed Al Rushuq Cast

  16. Photo of Lara Sawalha

    Lara Sawalha Cast

  17. Photo of Abdul Kareem Abu Zayad

    Abdul Kareem Abu Zayad Cast

  18. Photo of Shadi Salah

    Shadi Salah Cast