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  1. Photo of Sergio Bergonzelli

    Sergio Bergonzelli Director

  2. Photo of Ambrogio Molteni

    Ambrogio Molteni Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Wilde Jr.

    James Wilde Jr. Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cameron Mitchell

    Cameron Mitchell Cast

  5. Photo of Carl Möhner

    Carl Möhner Cast

  6. Photo of Célina Cély

    Célina Cély Cast

  7. Photo of Kitty Carver

    Kitty Carver Cast

  8. Photo of Livio Lorenzon

    Livio Lorenzon Cast

  9. Photo of Mariangela Giordano

    Mariangela Giordano Cast

  10. Photo of Luke Aaron

    Luke Aaron Cast

  11. Photo of Anna Lina Alberti

    Anna Lina Alberti Cast

  12. Photo of Luigi Batzella

    Luigi Batzella Cast

  13. Photo of Calisto Calisti

    Calisto Calisti Cast

  14. Photo of Fanny Clair

    Fanny Clair Cast

  15. Photo of Donato Di Sepio

    Donato Di Sepio Cast

  16. Photo of Ugo Fangareggi

    Ugo Fangareggi Cast

  17. Photo of Giulio Maculani

    Giulio Maculani Cast

  18. Photo of Rosy March

    Rosy March Cast

  19. Photo of Giuseppe Mattei

    Giuseppe Mattei Cast

  20. Photo of Diego Pozzetto

    Diego Pozzetto Cast

  21. Photo of Cinzia Ran

    Cinzia Ran Cast

  22. Photo of Attilio Severini

    Attilio Severini Cast

  23. Photo of Romolo Garroni

    Romolo Garroni Cinematography

  24. Photo of Amerigo Gengarelli

    Amerigo Gengarelli Cinematography

  25. Photo of Marcello Gigante

    Marcello Gigante Music

  26. Photo of Gabriele Crisanti

    Gabriele Crisanti Production Design

  27. Photo of Elido Sorrentino

    Elido Sorrentino Producer

  28. Photo of Dolores Tamburini

    Dolores Tamburini Editing

  29. Photo of Marinella Giorgi

    Marinella Giorgi Costume Design