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  1. Photo of Caroline Munro

    Caroline Munro Cast

  2. Photo of Joe Spinell

    Joe Spinell Cast

  3. Photo of Devin Goldenberg

    Devin Goldenberg Cast

  4. Photo of Susanne Benton

    Susanne Benton Cast

  5. Photo of Filomena Spagnuolo

    Filomena Spagnuolo Cast

  6. Photo of Glenn Jacobson

    Glenn Jacobson Cast

  7. Photo of J'Len Winters

    J'Len Winters Cast

  8. Photo of Sharon Hughes

    Sharon Hughes Cast

  9. Photo of Judd Hamilton

    Judd Hamilton Producer, Cast Screenplay

  10. Photo of Tom Klassen

    Tom Klassen Screenplay

  11. Photo of David Winters

    David Winters Screenplay, Producer, Director Cast

  12. Photo of Thomas F. Denove

    Thomas F. Denove Cinematography

  13. Photo of Chris Barnes

    Chris Barnes Editing

  14. Photo of M. Edward Salier

    M. Edward Salier Editing

  15. Photo of Jeff Sharpe

    Jeff Sharpe Production Design

  16. Photo of Jesse Frederick

    Jesse Frederick Music

  17. Photo of Jeff Koz

    Jeff Koz Music

  18. Photo of Terry Poulton

    Terry Poulton Sound

  19. Photo of David Stephenson

    David Stephenson Sound

  20. Photo of Marcello Mastroianni

    Marcello Mastroianni Cast