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  1. Photo of Enzo G. Castellari

    Enzo G. Castellari Director

  2. Photo of Ramon Bravo

    Ramon Bravo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vincenzo Mannino

    Vincenzo Mannino Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marc Princi

    Marc Princi Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ugo Tucci

    Ugo Tucci Screenplay and Producer

  6. Photo of James Franciscus

    James Franciscus Cast

  7. Photo of Vic Morrow

    Vic Morrow Cast

  8. Photo of Micaela Pignatelli

    Micaela Pignatelli Cast

  9. Photo of Joshua Sinclair

    Joshua Sinclair Cast

  10. Photo of Giancarlo Prete

    Giancarlo Prete Cast

  11. Photo of Stefania Girolami Goodwin

    Stefania Girolami Goodwin Cast

  12. Photo of Gian Marco Lari

    Gian Marco Lari Cast

  13. Photo of Chuck Kaufman

    Chuck Kaufman Cast

  14. Photo of Gail Moore

    Gail Moore Cast

  15. Photo of Alberto Spagnoli

    Alberto Spagnoli Cinematography

  16. Photo of Guido De Angelis

    Guido De Angelis Music

  17. Photo of Maurizio De Angelis

    Maurizio De Angelis Music

  18. Photo of Maurizio Amati

    Maurizio Amati Producer

  19. Photo of Edward L. Montoro

    Edward L. Montoro Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Gianfranco Amicucci

    Gianfranco Amicucci Editing