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  1. Photo of Michael Hui

    Michael Hui Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Lau Tin-Chi

    Lau Tin-Chi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Louis Sit

    Louis Sit Screenplay and Music

  4. Photo of Roy Chiao

    Roy Chiao Cast

  5. Photo of Eileen Humphreys

    Eileen Humphreys Cast

  6. Photo of Lau Yat Fan

    Lau Yat Fan Cast

  7. Photo of James Tien

    James Tien Cast

  8. Photo of Joseph Koo

    Joseph Koo Cast and Music

  9. Photo of Chiang Nan

    Chiang Nan Cast

  10. Photo of Ching Siu-Tung

    Ching Siu-Tung Cast

  11. Photo of Feng Yi

    Feng Yi Cast

  12. Photo of Fung Ging-Man

    Fung Ging-Man Cast

  13. Photo of Ho Li-Jen

    Ho Li-Jen Cast

  14. Photo of Ho Pak-Kwong

    Ho Pak-Kwong Cast

  15. Photo of Ricky Hui

    Ricky Hui Cast

  16. Photo of Lo Hung

    Lo Hung Cast

  17. Photo of Kam Lo

    Kam Lo Cast

  18. Photo of Kang Chia-Hsin

    Kang Chia-Hsin Cast

  19. Photo of Josephine Koo

    Josephine Koo Cast

  20. Photo of Lei Shu-Shu

    Lei Shu-Shu Cast

  21. Photo of Lu Hsien

    Lu Hsien Cast

  22. Photo of Pi Li-te

    Pi Li-te Cast

  23. Photo of Sai Gwa-pau

    Sai Gwa-pau Cast

  24. Photo of Dean Shek

    Dean Shek Cast

  25. Photo of Tao Sangu

    Tao Sangu Cast

  26. Photo of Shen Wang

    Shen Wang Cast

  27. Photo of Yang Xie

    Yang Xie Cast

  28. Photo of Yu Tsin

    Yu Tsin Cinematography

  29. Photo of Samuel Hui

    Samuel Hui Music and Cast

  30. Photo of Raymond Chow

    Raymond Chow Producer

  31. Photo of Peter Cheung

    Peter Cheung Editing

  32. Photo of Shao Lung Chou

    Shao Lung Chou Sound

  33. Photo of Wong Ping

    Wong Ping Sound

  34. Photo of Chu Sheng-hsi

    Chu Sheng-hsi Costume Design