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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Robert Peters-Gehrke's rating of the film The Last Ocean

    This is another of the environmental documentaries presenting their subjective and angry message in breathtakingly beautiful images and expert directing. It is propaganda and lobbyism but for a right and noble cause: preventing a pristine place to get destroyed by humanity's tendency to exploit nature at all costs. Downsides are a certain redundancy and the use of pathos (the music!) to manipulate the viewer.

  2. malwasgutessehen's rating of the film The Last Ocean

    Interessante Fakten über ein letztes Refugium auf dieser Welt. Wie so oft, ist die Natur ohne Fürsprecher und wird den Interessen des Profits geopfert.Es ist der Mensch, der seine Lebensgrundlage systematisch zugrunde richtet. Absolut sehenswert.

  3. Pascal Müller's rating of the film The Last Ocean

    Das Thema mag wichtig und dringend sein - der Film ist dennoch nicht besonders gelungen. Viele Bilder wiederholen sich, die Musik stört die Athmosphäre und der Fokus liegt leider (für meinen Geschmack) zu sehr auf den politischen Entwicklungen denn auf dem Lebensraum Rossmeer an sich. Über das Rossmeer und die dortige Tierwelt erfährt man in diesem Film leider recht wenig.

  4. janeggg's rating of the film The Last Ocean

    I find it irritating that producers still think documentary film making works better if you include music. the images and the sound of this place should be enough for a good filmmaker to create a powerful soundimage. The whole film feels too much like a commerical.

  5. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Last Ocean

    The intentions are good and praiseworthy, the Antarctic sequences are stunning - but the movie leaves me cold. There is too much redundant talking in superlatives and the cheap blabla music is unbearable for me. Even during the sequence when the fascinating soundscape of the ocean underneath the ice is demonstrated the music is playing on. For what purpose?

  6. RadiantFlux's rating of the film The Last Ocean

    Disturbing documentary about how humanity's greed for money is destroying the last pristine sea environment in the Antarctica. Truly breathtaking photography. Bottom-line: Never eat Chilean Sea Bass.