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  1. Photo of Bruce Ricker

    Bruce Ricker Director

  2. Photo of John Arnoldy

    John Arnoldy Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arnie Johnson

    Arnie Johnson Cinematography

  4. Photo of Buddy Anderson

    Buddy Anderson Cast

  5. Photo of Count Basie

    Count Basie Cast

  6. Photo of Eddie Durham

    Eddie Durham Cast

  7. Photo of Jimmy Forrest

    Jimmy Forrest Cast

  8. Photo of Curtis Foster

    Curtis Foster Cast

  9. Photo of Dizzy Gillespie

    Dizzy Gillespie Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Gunther

    Paul Gunther Cast

  11. Photo of Budd Johnson

    Budd Johnson Cast

  12. Photo of Jo Jones

    Jo Jones Cast

  13. Photo of Sonny Kenner

    Sonny Kenner Cast

  14. Photo of Baby Lovett

    Baby Lovett Cast

  15. Photo of Charles McPherson

    Charles McPherson Cast

  16. Photo of Jay McShann

    Jay McShann Cast

  17. Photo of Milton Morris

    Milton Morris Cast

  18. Photo of Charlie Parker

    Charlie Parker Cast

  19. Photo of Jesse Price

    Jesse Price Cast

  20. Photo of Paul Quinichette

    Paul Quinichette Cast

  21. Photo of Gene Ramey

    Gene Ramey Cast

  22. Photo of Buster Smith

    Buster Smith Cast

  23. Photo of Richard Smith

    Richard Smith Cast

  24. Photo of Big Joe Turner

    Big Joe Turner Cast

  25. Photo of Herman Walder

    Herman Walder Cast

  26. Photo of Ernie Williams

    Ernie Williams Cast

  27. Photo of Lester Young

    Lester Young Cast

  28. Photo of Max Roach

    Max Roach Cast

  29. Photo of Thomasin Henkel

    Thomasin Henkel Editing