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  1. Photo of Diego Arsuaga

    Diego Arsuaga Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Beda Docampo Feijoo

    Beda Docampo Feijoo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fernando Javier León Rodríguez

    Fernando Javier León Rodríguez Screenplay

  4. Photo of Andrea Pollio

    Andrea Pollio Screenplay

  5. Photo of Andrés Scarone

    Andrés Scarone Screenplay

  6. Photo of Héctor Alterio

    Héctor Alterio Cast

  7. Photo of Federico Luppi

    Federico Luppi Cast

  8. Photo of José Soriano

    José Soriano Cast

  9. Photo of Gastón Pauls

    Gastón Pauls Cast

  10. Photo of Balaram Dinard

    Balaram Dinard Cast

  11. Photo of Eduardo Miglionico

    Eduardo Miglionico Cast

  12. Photo of Elisa Contreras

    Elisa Contreras Cast

  13. Photo of Saturnino García

    Saturnino García Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Burmann

    Hans Burmann Cinematography

  15. Photo of Nicolás Baraldi

    Nicolás Baraldi Music

  16. Photo of Hugo Jasa

    Hugo Jasa Music

  17. Photo of Inés Olmedo

    Inés Olmedo Production Design

  18. Photo of Daniel Márquez

    Daniel Márquez Editing

  19. Photo of Fernando Pardo

    Fernando Pardo Editing

  20. Photo of José Antonio Bermúdez

    José Antonio Bermúdez Sound

  21. Photo of Daniel Báez

    Daniel Báez Sound