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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film The Last Wagon

    Un style et une histoire qui nous réconcilient avec le western. Admirable, sobre, terriblement envoûtant. Du Delmer Daves de grande qualité !

  2. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film The Last Wagon

  3. João Eça's rating of the film The Last Wagon

    It lacks all the sophistication of Carpenter's morals. But it has moments of rare beauty (the shots of the indians, which are few but breathtaking in a Fordian way) and a magnificent sense of landscape (essential in the way that space represents the primitive, animalesque and violent origins of America in the western genre). But the happy end is absurd: in Carpenter there is no reconciliation and that requires guts.

  4. Neither/Nor's rating of the film The Last Wagon

    The worst part of this isn't the mythical displacement and moralization of threatening histories, or even the constant high-tide of sentimentality; it's the conflation of marriage with verdict, the outsider condemned, as it were, to the "custody" of a woman and boy "for as long as they both shall live." Underneath it all is a homily of tolerance and gratitude in a revenge/redemption narrative, but who cares.