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  1. Photo of Arthur Penn

    Arthur Penn Director

  2. Photo of Fred Coe

    Fred Coe Producer

  3. Photo of Leslie Stevens

    Leslie Stevens Screenplay

  4. Photo of J. Peverell Marley

    J. Peverell Marley Cinematography

  5. Photo of Paul Newman

    Paul Newman Cast

  6. Photo of Lita Milan

    Lita Milan Cast

  7. Photo of John Dehner

    John Dehner Cast

  8. Photo of Hurd Hatfield

    Hurd Hatfield Cast

  9. Photo of James Congdon

    James Congdon Cast

  10. Photo of James Best

    James Best Cast

  11. Photo of Colin Keith-Johnston

    Colin Keith-Johnston Cast

  12. Photo of Denver Pyle

    Denver Pyle Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Foulk

    Robert Foulk Cast

  14. Photo of Folmar Blangsted

    Folmar Blangsted Editing

  15. Photo of Alexander Courage

    Alexander Courage Music

  16. Photo of Earl Crain Sr.

    Earl Crain Sr. Sound

  17. Photo of Marjorie Best

    Marjorie Best Costume Design

  18. Photo of Gore Vidal

    Gore Vidal Cast

  19. Photo of John Dierkes

    John Dierkes Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Anderson

    Robert Anderson Cast

  21. Photo of Wally Brown

    Wally Brown Cast

  22. Photo of Ainslie Pryor

    Ainslie Pryor Cast

  23. Photo of Martin Garralaga

    Martin Garralaga Cast

  24. Photo of Nestor Paiva

    Nestor Paiva Cast