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  1. Photo of Richard Marquand

    Richard Marquand Director

  2. Photo of Arnold Kopelson

    Arnold Kopelson Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Ted Lloyd

    Ted Lloyd Executive Producer

  4. Photo of David Foster

    David Foster Producer

  5. Photo of Jimmy Sangster

    Jimmy Sangster Screenplay

  6. Photo of Patrick Tilley

    Patrick Tilley Screenplay

  7. Photo of Paul Wheeler

    Paul Wheeler Screenplay

  8. Photo of Dick Bush

    Dick Bush Cinematography

  9. Photo of Alan Hume

    Alan Hume Cinematography

  10. Photo of Katharine Ross

    Katharine Ross Cast

  11. Photo of Sam Elliott

    Sam Elliott Cast

  12. Photo of John Standing

    John Standing Cast

  13. Photo of Ian Hogg

    Ian Hogg Cast

  14. Photo of Margaret Tyzack

    Margaret Tyzack Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Gray

    Charles Gray Cast

  16. Photo of Lee Montague

    Lee Montague Cast

  17. Photo of Hildegard Neil

    Hildegard Neil Cast

  18. Photo of Marianne Broome

    Marianne Broome Cast

  19. Photo of Roger Daltrey

    Roger Daltrey Cast

  20. Photo of Anne V. Coates

    Anne V. Coates Editing

  21. Photo of Disley Jones

    Disley Jones Production Design

  22. Photo of Michael J. Lewis

    Michael J. Lewis Music

  23. Photo of Shura Cohen

    Shura Cohen Costume Design