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  1. Photo of Norman Foster

    Norman Foster Director

  2. Photo of Sam Wanamaker

    Sam Wanamaker Director

  3. Photo of Samuel A. Peeples

    Samuel A. Peeples Screenplay

  4. Photo of Shimon Wincelberg

    Shimon Wincelberg Screenplay

  5. Photo of Wayne Maunder

    Wayne Maunder Cast

  6. Photo of Slim Pickens

    Slim Pickens Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Dante

    Michael Dante Cast

  8. Photo of Robert F. Simon

    Robert F. Simon Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Ann Mobley

    Mary Ann Mobley Cast

  10. Photo of Alexander Davion

    Alexander Davion Cast

  11. Photo of Grant Woods

    Grant Woods Cast

  12. Photo of Rodolfo Acosta

    Rodolfo Acosta Cast

  13. Photo of William W. Spencer

    William W. Spencer Cinematography

  14. Photo of Harold E. Stine

    Harold E. Stine Cinematography

  15. Photo of Richard Markowitz

    Richard Markowitz Music

  16. Photo of Joseph Mullendore

    Joseph Mullendore Music

  17. Photo of Leith Stevens

    Leith Stevens Music

  18. Photo of Jack Martin Smith

    Jack Martin Smith Production Design

  19. Photo of Russell C. Menzer

    Russell C. Menzer Production Design

  20. Photo of Jason H. Bernie

    Jason H. Bernie Editing

  21. Photo of Ronald J. Fagan

    Ronald J. Fagan Editing

  22. Photo of George A. Gittens

    George A. Gittens Editing

  23. Photo of Harry M. Leonard

    Harry M. Leonard Sound

  24. Photo of Don J. Bassman

    Don J. Bassman Sound