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  1. Photo of Umesh Mehra

    Umesh Mehra Director

  2. Photo of Shanti Prakash Bakshi

    Shanti Prakash Bakshi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Latif Faiziyev

    Latif Faiziyev Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Javed Siddiqui

    Javed Siddiqui Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ulmas Umarbekov

    Ulmas Umarbekov Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sunny Deol

    Sunny Deol Cast

  7. Photo of Poonam Dhillon

    Poonam Dhillon Cast

  8. Photo of Pran

    Pran Cast

  9. Photo of Tanuja (Mukherjee)

    Tanuja (Mukherjee) Cast

  10. Photo of Gulshan Grover

    Gulshan Grover Cast

  11. Photo of Rakesh Bedi

    Rakesh Bedi Cast

  12. Photo of Davron Abdullayev

    Davron Abdullayev Cinematography

  13. Photo of Abduliev Duran

    Abduliev Duran Cinematography

  14. Photo of S. Pappu

    S. Pappu Cinematography

  15. Photo of Abdul Rashid Papu

    Abdul Rashid Papu Cinematography

  16. Photo of Anu Malik

    Anu Malik Music

  17. Photo of Vladimir Milov

    Vladimir Milov Music

  18. Photo of Sadritdin Ziyamukhamedov

    Sadritdin Ziyamukhamedov Production Design

  19. Photo of F.C. Mehra

    F.C. Mehra Producer

  20. Photo of Parvesh C. Mehra

    Parvesh C. Mehra Producer

  21. Photo of M. Makarova

    M. Makarova Editing

  22. Photo of M.S. Shinde

    M.S. Shinde Editing

  23. Photo of Zukhra Umarova

    Zukhra Umarova Editing

  24. Photo of Erkin Kayumov

    Erkin Kayumov Sound

  25. Photo of Banu

    Banu Costume Design

  26. Photo of Rafael Suleimanov

    Rafael Suleimanov Costume Design