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  1. Photo of Heiner Carow

    Heiner Carow Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ulrich Plenzdorf

    Ulrich Plenzdorf Screenplay

  3. Photo of Angelica Domröse

    Angelica Domröse Cast

  4. Photo of Winfried Glatzeder

    Winfried Glatzeder Cast

  5. Photo of Heidemarie Wenzel

    Heidemarie Wenzel Cast

  6. Photo of Fred Delmare

    Fred Delmare Cast

  7. Photo of Rolf Ludwig

    Rolf Ludwig Cast

  8. Photo of Käthe Reichel

    Käthe Reichel Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Hardt-Hardtloff

    Hans Hardt-Hardtloff Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Schenk

    Frank Schenk Cast

  11. Photo of Dietmar Richter-Reinick

    Dietmar Richter-Reinick Cast

  12. Photo of Eva-Maria Hagen

    Eva-Maria Hagen Cast

  13. Photo of Jürgen Frohriep

    Jürgen Frohriep Cast

  14. Photo of Hertha Thiele

    Hertha Thiele Cast

  15. Photo of Willi Schrade

    Willi Schrade Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Gotthardt

    Peter Gotthardt Cast and Music

  17. Photo of Marga Legal

    Marga Legal Cast

  18. Photo of Jürgen Brauer

    Jürgen Brauer Cinematography

  19. Photo of Harry Leupold

    Harry Leupold Production Design

  20. Photo of Evelyn Carow

    Evelyn Carow Editing

  21. Photo of Werner Blass

    Werner Blass Sound

  22. Photo of Georg Gutschmidt

    Georg Gutschmidt Sound