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  1. Photo of Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan Cast

  2. Photo of Ashleigh Ball

    Ashleigh Ball Cast

  3. Photo of Garry Chalk

    Garry Chalk Cast

  4. Photo of Michael Donovan

    Michael Donovan Cast

  5. Photo of Richard Cox

    Richard Cox Cast

  6. Photo of Brian Drummond

    Brian Drummond Cast

  7. Photo of Maryke Hendrikse

    Maryke Hendrikse Cast

  8. Photo of Colin Murdok

    Colin Murdok Cast

  9. Photo of Anna Cummer

    Anna Cummer Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Lam

    Daniel Lam Cast

  11. Photo of Joanne Rong

    Joanne Rong Cast

  12. Photo of Gabriel Hisugan

    Gabriel Hisugan Cast

  13. Photo of Wei Heng Teng

    Wei Heng Teng Cast

  14. Photo of David Liu

    David Liu Director and Cinematography

  15. Photo of Christopher Donaldson

    Christopher Donaldson Screenplay

  16. Photo of Neil Every

    Neil Every Screenplay

  17. Photo of Xu Xizeng

    Xu Xizeng Screenplay

  18. Photo of Han Fangxi

    Han Fangxi Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Shen Genlin

    Shen Genlin Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Li Jianping

    Li Jianping Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Hu Jinjun

    Hu Jinjun Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Fang Jun

    Fang Jun Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Xie Lijuan

    Xie Lijuan Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Li Ruigang

    Li Ruigang Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Yang Wenyan

    Yang Wenyan Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Rob Diamond

    Rob Diamond Producer

  27. Photo of Lucy Yang

    Lucy Yang Producer

  28. Photo of Alain Mayrand

    Alain Mayrand Music

  29. Photo of Li Zhiming

    Li Zhiming Editing