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  1. Photo of André Luiz Oliveira

    André Luiz Oliveira Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mário Arumani

    Mário Arumani Screenplay

  3. Photo of Antônio Castor

    Antônio Castor Screenplay

  4. Photo of José de Alencar

    José de Alencar Novel

  5. Photo of Tatau

    Tatau Cast

  6. Photo of Taíse Costa

    Taíse Costa Cast

  7. Photo of Roberto Bonfim

    Roberto Bonfim Cast

  8. Photo of Ana Maria Miranda

    Ana Maria Miranda Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Carnera

    Antonio Carnera Cast

  10. Photo of Jorge Anápolis

    Jorge Anápolis Cast

  11. Photo of Tep Kahok

    Tep Kahok Cast

  12. Photo of Mário Cravo Neto

    Mário Cravo Neto Cinematography

  13. Photo of Tuzé de Abreu

    Tuzé de Abreu Music

  14. Photo of Régis Monteiro

    Régis Monteiro Production Design

  15. Photo of Jesus Chediak

    Jesus Chediak Producer and Cast

  16. Photo of K.M. Eckstein

    K.M. Eckstein Producer

  17. Photo of Arnaldo Oliveira

    Arnaldo Oliveira Producer

  18. Photo of Paulo Maurício Oliveira

    Paulo Maurício Oliveira Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Rogério Duarte

    Rogério Duarte Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Amaury Alves

    Amaury Alves Editing