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Ratings & Reviews

  1. dave gunn's rating of the film The Letter

    This film relied more heavily on editing and style than actual acting, which aided and hurt it at the same time, in my opinion. The disorienting, confusing flow matched perfectly Ryder's gradual loss of reality. I do wish there were more answers provided.

  2. Evan Schafer's rating of the film The Letter

    It is interesting to me, because "The Letter" is one of the only films in recent memory that was hard for me to really get a handle on. Because of the film's theme of losing one's mind, though, this isn't such a surprise. In a way, it felt like I was listening to a piece of avant-garde classical music; I was never sure which way it was going to go. Regardless, Winona Ryder and James Franco were excellent, as usual.

  3. Westley's rating of the film The Letter

    A very artsy psychodrama with a good cast. Nice to see Winona Ryder in a lead role again. The film was sort of reminiscent of something Abel Ferrara might do. It's a good movie, but definitely won't be for everyone.